Summer Hours: “Cordyceps Império”

3-16 August 2020
Espaço Alkantara

This August, João Pedro Leal, Eduardo Molina and Marco Mendonça are working at Espaço Alkantara on a new performance, as part of our Summer Hours programme.

This is the last day of democracy. Its demise marks the end of freedom of speech and thought. This is the last show you will ever see. We’ll have to make good use of time. We’re not interested in dramatising our tragic and inevitable end. We want it to be a happy occasion, a farewell party for a place we will never return to, where politics and fiction, the future and now, become the prototype for a dystopian society.


Created and performed by João Pedro Leal, Eduardo Molina, Marco Mendonça
Artistic advisor Lígia Soares
Light design Rui Monteiro
Light design assistant Teresa Antunes
Set Fernando Ribeiro
Original Music and Sound Design Mestre André
Production Manager Mónica Talina
Produced by Teatro do Vão
Coproduced by Rede 5 sentidos – Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Teatro Académico Gil Vicente, Teatro Municipal da Guarda, Cine-Teatro Louletano, Teatro Micaelense, Teatro Municipal do Porto, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro Nacional São João, Teatro Viriato
With support from Agência 25 and Polo Cultural das Gaivotas | Boavista
Special thanks Alex Cassal