Open Studio: Nós Aqui Neste Passinho by Michelle Moura e Sara Anjo

26  september, 1 p.m.
Praça Dom Pedro IV
Entrada Livre


Through choreographic exercises we explore notions of collectivity, autonomy, occupation of public space and proximity with the spectator. Alongside the question what is resistance we also ask: how are we choreographed by political and social changes? How are we choreographed by the geography of the territory, by it’s culture and public spaces? Are we truly available for a change?
Artists bio

Michelle Moura is a Brazilian choreographer and performer living in Berlin. Among her creations there are FOLE (2013), HORSE (2010) and BLINK mini unison intense whimper (2015), where she develops strategies to generate psycho-physical changes. A contrast between her previous creations is Choreography Study # 1 (2016), where he develops her interest in structure. Her creations were presented at international dance festivals in South America and Europe, including the Panorama Festival (BR), HAU – Hebbel am Ufer (DE) and the Musée de la danse (FR). As an interpreter, he worked with Wilhelm Groener (DE), Vincent Dupont (FR), Raphaëlle Latini | Groupe Entorse (FR), Dani Lima (BR) and Alex Cassal (PT). Dance Studies at the Essais Program, CNDC d’Angers | FR (2010) and Das Choreography (2015), Amsterdam.

Sara Anjo (PT 1982) is a dancer and choreographer interested in meditative practices that generate psico-physical changes, breathing and walking are the main ones. She permanently questions herself about: what moves us? How do we move? And to where are we moving? As a maker she is interested in choreographic proposals that activate a sonic theatre, where choreography and the performative space are explored through soundscape. She devised “Nobody would know to tell that story” a feminist performance where she collaborated with 6 female artists (BoxNova CCB 2011); “Liquid Landscapes” a travelling dance in an old washing house in Lisbon (Teatro do Silêncio 2012); “Shaped as a Tree”, a solo about dis-quietness (Negócio ZDB 2016); “Sacrum”, a magnetic walking (Negócio ZDB 2018). Since 2012 makes part of the project “Walking” from Teatro do Silêncio. She has graduated in the Contemporary Dance Academy (2001). She holds a master in choreography from Das Graduate School in Amsterdam (2016).