Residência Artística - Previsão do Tempo ©Triunfo - Adriano Filipe

Portas Abertas: Weather Forecast by Daniel Pizamiglio & Romain Beltrão Teule

19 June, 9 p.m.
Espaço Alkantara
Free entry

As part of their residency for Weather Forecast at Espaço Alkantara, Daniel Pizamiglio and Romain Beltrão Teule invite audiences into the studio for an open rehearsal on June 19.

Two persons facing the unknown.
Two persons searching in their memories, their futures (predicting? not predicting?)
Two persons in research, creating impossible situations. Situations that are contradictory, transitional. Spaces in between.
Two persons talking, remembering that once they were children. That they are children.
Two memories remembering. Listening to other memories and other voices they remember.
Two persons that are not just two persons.
I’m one person, I’m nobody.
« My name is nobody » = « mon nom est personne ». Personne (in French) is a homonym that can mean person or nobody.
And this chair, who is it?
This is nobody.
And you?
I’m chair, and you’re table.
And where are we?
We are several people in a space. A space made by various people-things.

Previsão do Tempo is an essay on the passage of time, about letting the unknown enter in to our lives. The piece is a paradox, a space where each fear and incomprehension transforms itself into a playful, sometimes childish, game.

Created and Performed Daniel Pizamiglio & Romain Beltrão Teule
Dramaturgy Assistance Paula Caspão
Co-production Alkantara, PAD – pépinière artistique daviers, Supercabras
Additional support from Rua das Gaivotas 6, Cão Solteiro, Estúdio Victor Córdon
Artist Bio

Daniel Pizamiglio is Brazilian and lives in Lisbon. He started studying the Real Time Composition system developed by João Fiadeiro in 2009. Following this experience he became Fiadeiro’s assistant and performer in “O que fazer daqui para trás”(2015). In 2016 he completed the PEPCC course at Forum Dança. He created “Dupla Ameaça” (2016) with Inês Cartaxo, “Dança Concreta” (2016), a solo, and the duet “Do desconcerto, por um lado / Da aventura, por outro” (2017) with Carlos Manuel Oliveira. He performed in “Projecto Continuado” (2015) and “Companhia” by João dos Santos Martins, among other projects with other artists.

Romain Beltrão Teule works between France and Portugal. Following his studies in critical design at Toulouse Fine Art School (France), he studied performance at the Fine Art School of Nantes (France). In 2013, Romain performed and worked on the scenography for “The Outdoor Offices” project proposed by L’Agence Touriste, and assisted Alain Michard on the dance pieces “I Gave It All” and “You Are Here”. In December 2014, he completed the PEPCC course at Forum Dança in Lisbon. He began developing his own pieces in 2014, creating “Elisabeth” (2014) and “Légende” (2017), and “Vertigo” (2018), co-created with Lucie Lintanf.