Open Studio: Radouan Mriziga

12 April, 19 p.m
Espaço Alkantara
Free entry

Radouan Mriziga returns to Lisbon for a residency for his upcoming work and a creative laboratory open to local artists and students.


0.ALKANTARA is a workshop and choreographic project about making, crafting, recycling, and constructing spaces, led by Brussels-based Moroccan choreographer Radouan Mriziga. Over 5 sessions, participants will explore dance and choreography as a medium between viewers and buildings, between imaginary, concrete and intellectual space.


ⵜⴰⴼⵓⴽⵜ (Tafukt) (Sol)

My work has so far developed along two parallel lines: space-making and architectural choreographies, performance, and installation work; and work focussing on time, music, and rhythm, particularly with young people.

This solo marks the beginning of a third parallel line of performances, installations, research, and documentation of the arts, culture, language, general aesthetics, and history of the Amazigh (the indigenous inhabitants of North Africa).

The series begins with a solo dance performance ⵜⴰⴼⵓⴽⵜ (Tafukt) (The Sun), on female figures and mythologies in the Amazigh culture.

Today, as in the past, women are responsible for transmitting and protecting the arts, crafts, language, rituals, and social knowledge of the Amazigh civilisation.

This work looks at the women in Amazigh and other related mythologies, from Tanit to Neith and Athena, as symbols of resistance, but also as a means of sharing references, knowledge and beliefs with other civilisations around the Mediterranean sea, where they contributed to and influenced shared spaces and history.

Radouan Mriziga


Concept, Choreography, and Scenography Radouan Mriziga
Performer Maïté Jeannolin
Costume designer Lila John
Dramaturgy Esther Severi
Amazigh research support Hajar Ibnouthen
Management, promotion, and touring Something Great

Artist Bio

Radouan Mriziga (1985) is a choreographer and dancer from Marrakesh, currently living and working in Brussels. After studying dance in Morocco, Tunisia and France, Radouan Mriziga graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. In works like 55 (Alkantara Festival 2016) and 7 (Alkantara Festival 2018), he focuses on human beings as the makers of their surroundings, connecting the body in motion to the expression of form in everyday materials and the architecture of our built environment. Mriziga is currently artist-in-residence at Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre and Kaaitheater in Brussels.