Qualquer Paixão Veemente by Sónia Baptista

11 – 29 November
Estúdios Victor Córdon

In 2017 I wrote a text that started sad and ended angry. It was called Querer do Corpo, Peso (‘A Body’s Want, Weight’). What I wanted was the weight of another body that would help me survive the onslaught of distressing, overwhelming events in the world. I performed that text live, my hands stained with the blood, fake and pink, of so many voices, silenced, ignored, stifled. Afterwards I continued to circle around sadness — mine, immense and inescapable. But I didn’t forget that with sadness, if you’re lucky, comes anger, and, if you’re lucky, the will to fight for the world to end. A world I consider unjust, unequal and brute. The answer, I think, is amorous, by way of love, but an interventive love, that yells, that bares its teeth, that takes a piece, leaves a dent, that isn’t polite or well-behaved, that speaks the truth, that cusses. 

Throughout time, many have stood up against systems and symptoms of a society of decadent values and loves. Many men, many women. Many women learned to scream louder than the terrors of living — political, social, economic. Those screams are expressions of art, culture, cultivating doing good and living well, with others, with the world. Anger brings change, rage puts it into action. We must destroy in order to create, lose our composure, reveal the imposture of machinations, of power plays, we have to do better and speak vehemently, without fear of obvious passion. 

The research and reflection for this group piece begins with classical texts, contemporary philosophy, essays on society and gender, on ecofeminism, on punk lifestyles that disturb established way of living. It’s a political piece, because politics is imagining a world that is different, and better, than the one we live in. 

They say: it’s best if you don’t talk very loudly. We say: it’s better if we talk too loudly, the greatest violence is silence. We want to stain the stage with hopepunk, with that radical combination of optimism fed by the rage of wanting to change the status quo. We want to dance ragefully like in the movies. 

Gentleness is Punk. Compassion is Radical. Appreciation is Subversive.