Wednesday: Making It happen + Metamorfosis

10 May, 3 p.m  — Schools
11 May, 9.30 p.m — General public
Teatro Estúdio António Assunção

Created and performed by Grade 9 students from Escola Secundária Fernão Mendes Pinto, Wednesday: Making It Happen is a piece by and for young people standing at the border between adolescence and adulthood. Taking Cláudia Dias’s Wednesday: The Time of the Cherries as their starting point, they draw a line from their past and present experiences to their hopes and doubts for the future. The text, choreography, and set were developed in creative laboratories with Cláudia Dias and Karas, in the context of the Seven Years Seven Schools project, and with the support of teachers teachers Cristina Azevedo and Gabriel Mithá.

The performance is presented along with Metamorphosis, a film documenting the creative process, by Multimedia students from Escola Secundária Francisco Simões, with the support of their teacher, Américo Jones.

Metamorfasis reflects on the experience of participating in Wednesday: Making It Happen. The film traces the relationships between the students from the two participating schools in Almada, addressing individual perspectives as well as the big picture. From very early on in life, we are asked a series of transversal questions: what do you want to be when you grow up? What makes you happy? What are your dreams? The answers are found through our choices and decisions, or lack thereof. In this journey, we attempt to discover something about the other and about ourselves.

Seven Years Seven Schools, a satellite of Cláudia Dias’s Seven Years Seven Pieces project, aims to develop creative and personal skills in young people by bringing arts practices into secondary schools.