Monday: Watch Out for the Right!

In Monday: Watch Out for the Right!, Cláudia Dias steps into a boxing ring with her sparring partner, Thai kickboxing coach Jaime Neves. They fight twelve rounds with their fists, while the referee recites the fighting words of Spanish poet Pablo Fidalgo Lareo. They’ve all been knocked down before and can deal questions about restrictive monetary policy, migration, depression, and unemployment in the EU like uppercuts.

Monday: Watch Out for the Right! is the first installment in the Seven Years Seven Pieces series, a seven-part performance series addressing the concept of an absent or precarious future developed by Portuguese choreographer Cláudia Dias.

©José Caldeira


Concept and Artistic Director: Cláudia Dias
Guest artist: 
Pablo Fidalgo Lareo
Cláudia Dias and Pablo Fidalgo Lareo
Cláudia Dias, Jaime Neves and Pablo Fidalgo Lareo/Karas
Critical Eye Seven Years Seven Pieces: 
Jorge Louraço Figueira
Thai Boxing Coach: Jaime Neves
Technical Director: 
Nuno Borda de Água
Set and Light design: 
Thomas Walgrave
Produced by: Alkantara
Artistic residencies: Alkantara, Göteborg Dance and Theatre Festival and Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts (with support from KID Gothemburg) Teatro Extremo/Teatro Estúdio António Assunção; Companhia de Dança de Almada; Teatro Municipal do Porto
Artistic residency coproduced by O Espaço do Tempo
Co-produced by: 
Alkantara and Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen with the support of NXTSTP/Culture Programme of the EU; Goethe Institut and Maria Matos Teatro Municipal with support of the EUROPOLY project; and Teatro Municipal do Porto.