Summer Hours: “ZIMA”

17-30 August 2020
Espaço Alkantara

This August, Marta Ramos and Sara Zita Correia are working at Espaço Alkantara on a new performance, as part of our Summer Hours programme.

ZIMA is Marta and Sara together, searching for the exteriorisation of their volatile, unstable, dreamlike ways of being. This project began almost by accident, with an amateur musical improvisation, with voice and percussion. With backgrounds in dance, performance and design, this was a space of freedom from their supposed talents. ZIMA became a real project. Marta and Sara come together to experiment with musical instruments, voice, (their) poetry… With a naive and minimalist approach, almost light, but that gains other dimensions and symbolic layers. They imagine ZIMA as a multidisciplinary being, containing everything that they consider might speak well for them. ZIMA are the sound and visual episodes of a journey into the interior and the unknown, with natural desastres along the way, human and personal, but where, despite imminent danger, ZIMA survives.


Created and performed by Marta Ramos and Sara Zita Correia
Thanks Bruna Carvalho, Carolina Martins, Lourenço Crespo, Leonardo Bindilatti, Maria Reis, OUT.RA (Rui Pedro Dâmaso, Vítor Lopes, Igor de Brito), Pedro Saraiva and Pedro Ramos