Sónia Baptista in creation of “THE ANGER! THE FURY!”

september 14th – october 4th
Espaço Alkantara

Sónia Baptista is in residence at Espaço Alkantara for her new work, THE ANGER! THE FURY!, which will premiere this November at the Alkantara Festival/São Luiz Teatro Municipal.

In his Epistles, Horace writes: Ira furor brevis est. Anger is a brief madness. How long can we stay in this emotional state of emergency? Three minutes? In half-hour cycles? Can we jump in a moment from placidness to rage, ire, fury? How can we build — dramaturgically and emotionally — a succession of those moments? What shape do these passions have, or take on? Are they monstrous? Are we monstrous?

The research for this work includes classical texts, contemporary philosophy, pop culture, essays on society and gender, on ecofeminism, on the desire for a punk way of life that challenges the status quo. Hopepunk, that radical combination of optimism fed by the rage of wanting to change the status quo.

Gentleness is Punk. Compassion is Radical. Appreciation is Subversive.