Teatro Griot – Luminoso Afogado by Zia Soares

19 February – 1 March 2020
Wed – Sat 9.30 p.m. | Sun 7 p.m.
Espaço Alkantara
10 € (Tickets available at box office at the door)
Reservations to reservasgriot@gmail.com or +351 933 067 810

Luminoso Afogado by Teatro Griot is the company’s first experience with a text of a Portuguese author. The director and actress Zia Soares revisits Al Berto twenty years after having worked with him at the time of his death on an adaptation and staging of his book “Lunário” –  later the play would be called “O Canto do Noitibó”. At the time, Zia Soares was working on her first staging and Al Berto was working on his last artistic project.


Luminoso Afogado is a kind of shadow line in which – when confronted with a mirror, with death and the passing of time – one fails on recognizing oneself, lasting between being what one is and other irretrievable and absent. It’s a performance where “silence is definitive”, where one sways between life and death, memory and the most absolute oblivion. A plunge where breathing is suspended in another time, another place.


Text Al Berto
Adapted and directed by Zia Soares
Cast Chullage, Gio Lourenço, Zia Soares
Elocution Chullage, Filipe Raposo
Music Chullage
Light Design Eduardo Abdala
Scenography  Zia Soares
Movement  Maurrice
Costumes Inês Morgado, Neusa Trovoada
Sound design soundslikenuno
Photography Abdel Queta Tavares, Grace Ribeiro, Pauliana Valente Pimentel
Graphic Design Neusa Trovoada
Executive Production Urshi Cardoso
Production Teatro GRIOT

Teatro Griot

Teatro GRIOT is a company of actors who are focused on exploring themes that are relevant for the construction and questioning of contemporary Europe and and its reflection on theatrical discourse and aesthetics.

The work that the company develops arises from the tension between body and territory, collective memory and individual memory,  collective imaginary and individual imaginary. Teatro GRIOT operates in that space of intersection of geographical and symbolical territories as the neuralgic point of an artistic movement of counter-memory.